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Looking for ways to support Nourish?

Sponsorship Opportunities

Thanks to support from donors like you, the Nourish Foundation is fortunate to provide its program participants with a variety of opportunities and experiences. To ensure our families and children receive the highest quality care, we seek to connect them with community resources that improve their quality of life. We are currently in need of support in the areas below.

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Nourish, AL Produce Box

How You Can Help: 

$25 will cover the costs for 1 family for 1 week 

$100 will cover the costs of 1 family for an entire month 

$500 will cover the costs of 1 week of produce boxes for all families

$2,000 will cover an entire month of produce boxes for all families 

Use the link below to donate any amount to this initiative

Bryce's Fencing Lessons

Help one of our Nourish friends, Bryce, cover his fencing class expenses! Fencing is an awesome way to stay active, and he is loving it so far. The cost per month is $80. Sponsor Bryce today!

Fencing at School

Trauma Informed Yoga Sessions

We provide families an opportunity to participate in Trauma Informed Yoga Sessions during their appointment times at Nourish Wellness. 

$30 will cover 1 Trauma Informed Yoga Session per patient. 

Individual & Family Therapy Sessions

We provide families an opportunity to participate in Individual or Family Therapy sessions.  $50 will cover 4 sessions of therapy for a family or individual.

Sponsor 4 sessions by using the links below. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Breastfeeding Supplies

We provide breastfeeding supplies to breastfeeding mothers enrolled in our Breastfeeding Program. $50 can cover the cost of breastfeeding supplies per mother. 

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