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Dr. Katie Wolter provides comprehensive pediatric wellness visits in order to prevent or treat lifestyle illnesses such as obesity,  type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and more.

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Nourish Wellness, an initiative of the Nourish Foundation 501(c)(3) organization, offers intensive nutrition education and intervention tailored to the needs of each patient, including lactation support. Auburn University faculty and students from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics will meet with each patient individually. Also, Nourish, AL will provide fresh produce to any patient and family who struggles with food insecurity.



Auburn University kinesiology students, in collaboration with the Nourish Wellness team, will help tailor physical activity education and activities to each patient's needs. Each patient will be provided with a physical activity curriculum in addition to a gym membership and access to yoga courses taught by certified yoga instructors.

For video demonstrations on how to use exercise bands, click here.

For at home exercises with resistance bands, click here.


Research shows that mindful practices can improve the health of patients. Each Nourish Wellness patient will receive a Big Life Journal for themselves and Doing Well Daily Daybook Journal for a parent. We will also provide a mindfulness curriculum developed by Dr. Katie Wolter and Auburn University students for them to work through at home. We will discuss these materials at both patient appointments and at the monthly community gathering.


Auburn University pharmacy faculty and students will be present at each visit to help with medication management for our patients and their families.

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Students and faculty from Auburn University will meet with each patient and family to determine what needs they have and how we can connect them with the resources available in the community. We aim to alleviate health disparities among resource challenged children and their families. 

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