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The Nourish Foundation's mission is to provide food, lifestyle medicine, and holistic care for the Auburn/Opelika community.​ Discover how we can support you through our initiatives and offerings.

Produce Boxes

Nourish, AL is a hunger initiative that delivers fresh produce to food insecure families in our community each week. Our community partners deliver these produce boxes to our Nourish families each week. Our hope is that through these deliveries, we are able to build relationships with our families that help us to nourish their whole selves.


Multidisciplinary Medicine

Nourish wellness is a multidisciplinary pediatric wellness center for patients who wish to prevent or treat lifestyle illnesses such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes or hypertension. The collaborative care team includes a pediatrician, nurse, pharmacist, dietician, mindfulness expert, kinesiologist, and social worker among other care providers. 

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Breastfeeding & Lactation

We offer multidisciplinary lactation appointments which consist of visits with a pediatrician, care coordinator, nutrition expert, mindfulness expert, and yoga instructor. We will weigh your baby pre and post-feed and observe a feed in order to best help you and your baby. We welcome any and all support members/family members at each appointment. 

Collaborative Care

Multidisciplinary Medicine for All

Physician Visits

Nutrition & Meal Support

Mindfulness & Yoga

Physical Activity

Medication Management

Community Resources

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Nourish Blooms was founded by Katie Wolter to combine her love of flower farming and passion to provide food insecure families in her community with fresh, local produce. The proceeds of Nourish Blooms support families financially to receive care through the wellness clinic.

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